Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello! This would be the first among a series of entries that I would be posting on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading. Feel free to leave a comment or two when you're done. Thank you!

It actually took me a very long time to think of a topic to post on my blog. But then I thought... What would be a better topic for my first entry than to talk about the very person that inspired me to blog in the first place, my idol.

I think we can all agree that at some point in time, we all have/had someone whom we look up to. Whether it be a celebrity, singer, actor/actress, dancer, etc., we all have someone whom we idolize.

Well, for me its not a celebrity nor someone who is famous but rather he is just an ordinary person just like you and me. He was actually one of my college professors in UST. Now, he is one of my closest friends.

I admire him for his ways of teaching. I also admire the fact that he always finds time to do the things he enjoys the most like travelling and taking pictures despite his busy work schedule. He is even the one who got me into photography. But most importantly, I admire him for his courage in facing his current struggles.

Being wrongly accused of something you did not do can totally destroy one's reputation (not to mention one's peace of mind). Most especially if the person that has the power to make it all go away would not even bother to somewhat ease the pain. Whats even worse is that he believed the accusations without even hearing the other side of the story.

I could only imagine the emotional and psychological torture he is going through right now. I wish I could absorb some of the pain but all i can do right now is to offer my shoulder whenever he needs it and pray that things will go back to normal.

To my idol... If you are reading this, just remember that you are not alone. we, your friends, are always here ready to help whenever you need it. Always stay strong and don't let any negativity get in the way. I'm sure everything will turn out okay eventually just don't forget to pray. No challenge is too big if we ask God for help. =)